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That’s My Dog Professional Trainers School next foundation session is April 7-21, 2008 in Hazel Green WI. This training session is for those who are looking for a career in dog training and have not had any professional training. It is also for those who have had professional training and would like to learn how to use a remote collar in their training tools.

In a time of uncertainty what you do for a living should be something you are passionate about. Face it, no matter what you are doing you truly have to work at it to make a good living. Those who do something that truly is a passion not only get personal gratification, but tend to be those people who find themselves financially successful as well.

That’s My Dog has a location in Chicago for dog training. The Academy is located in Hazel Green, WI. For more information see
or call 866-DOG-LADY.

Passion is success. Have passion for your own business.


I would like to take a moment to introduce you to That’s My Dog of Chicago land; we are a growing dog training company, with Naperville becoming our second location and more to come.

We are encouraging local pet industry professionals to learn more about who we are and the services we provide. That’s My Dog offer lunch time presentations for your staff, family and friends. Our goal is to not only to educate about our services but to network with other professionals in the Chicago area.

We come to you so sign up for your lunch time demonstration! We do offer a referral bonus, you’ll like what you see.

Please contact Scott Harris at 877-OUR-DOG2, or e-mail him at

We are always interested in working with rescue groups and humane societies so contact us to see what we can provide for those canines in need of a little help to find a good home.

Scott Harris
President That’s My Dog Chicago


Robin MacFarlane of That’s My Dog! Inc. will be joining First
Friend Dog Training to present techniques on teaching your dog to
retrieve remotely!

Robin is one of the leading remote collar trainers in the dog
training industry. She and her team have presented workshops all
over the United States. This will be an interactive, hands on
workshop. So, for those of you that already use the remote collar as
a motivational tool for obedience, this is the next step.

Using a non-confrontational method, based on previous
electronic collar experience, the retrieve workshop takes
participants through the various phases of building a solid trained
retrieve. Concepts of holding, reaching, carrying, picking up off the
ground and directional work are covered.

For those of you that don’t use the remote collar, or don’t
use it as a motivational tool, you are still welcome to attend! You
may attend the weekend without a dog, at a discounted price, or you
may first attend a Remote Collar Foundations Workshop. There will be
a Foundations workshop held in Boston, Massachusetts by Bob White of
B & B Professional Dog Training on Sept. 5-7. Please contact Bob at for more information. This workshop will give you the
foundation needed to attend the Retrieve workshop. If you decide to
attend both, the Retrieve workshop will be offered at a discounted

Trainers, bring your own dog, a client’s dog, or even bring
your clients! Dogs must be proficient in Sit (attention sit
preferred), Place, and Come and must perform reliably around other

Not sure if you and your dog qualify for the workshop?
Contact me privately and we’ll figure it out!

Date: October 17, 18, 19
Location: Wallingford, CT
Host: Dawn Geremia of First Friend Dog Training, LLC or


So you like dogs. In fact you love your dog. So why not learn to be a professional dog trainer? It’s a skill that is certainly in demand with the dog considered a family member in over half the homes in the country.

You may not want to make it your profession, but you’d certainly like your dog to have some better behavior. Learning to train your dog develops a relationship that will last and you can count on. We have courses for both reasons.

Check out the two upcoming courses taught by Robin MacFarlane of That’s My Dog, Inc! The first is designed for the pet owner wanting to develop a training relationship with their own dog. And if you are thinking of becoming a professional dog trainer it’s a great place to start.

The second is an immersion course designed to give you all the basic of starting your own professional dog training business.

February 29 – March 02, 2008 Tallahassee, Florida – Foundation Workshop
Contact: Elisabeth Whetstone with Moccasin Gap Working Dog Club. or 850-894-1516

April 7-21, 2008 Hazel Green, WI – Three week E-Cademy
Contact: Robin MacFarlane with That’s My Dog!, Inc. or 866-DOG-LADY

Rescue Dogs


As a trainer, we see lots of rescued dogs. The reason they ended up with that label to start with; simply no teacher, no trainer, no leader. Good dog ended up with bad behavior.

It is incredibly rewarding to be able to work with a dog that seemingly can’t listen, or is too wild, or pees in the house and teach that dog good behavior. Knowing a dog has gone from either having to live a limited life in a shelter or with a family who is angry at her all the time and has banished the dog to the back yard; to a life as an integrated family member is the best feeling. The accomplishment is not only emotionally charged, but as a professional trainer you get paid to do something that shows direct results.

As a nation we question what we do for a living all the time. The feeling of not accomplishing anything is a factor in the overall well being and personal happiness of people in general. Years ago there was a book on the top ten for many weeks called “Do What you Love, The Money Will Come”. There are those who hear a statement like that and say, yeah, but what could that be?

If you like to be with dogs, the rising need for quality dog trainers fits the statement, “do what you love, the money will come.” Dog training is a viable home based business, and at the same time is an incredibly rewarding career.

To find out more visit

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Pro dog trainers have awesome jobs. Not only do they get to work with dogs, they get to be outside, be active, and be a position where they teach skills that are invaluable.

Dog training is a continuous education because dogs will teach you how to be a better person daily. Learning how to communicate with dogs effectively is the key element to get your start.

That’s My Dog in Hazel Green, WI a premier dog trainer academy is accepting applications for upcoming foundation and advanced courses. Find the career you can love.


It’s the new American dream. Work from home. And why shouldn’t it be? Things have changed. Raising children is different than it used to be. We don’t just send them out the door with the family dog to see them safely to the bus stop; not to be scene again until late afternoon when they arrive back on the yellow bus…. dog waiting to escort them home.

It’s a whole new ball game. Stay at home dads or stay at home moms are key to raising children. The difficulty of having that second persons’ income not be there to support the household still makes it tough. And so, the work at home concept is key to family financial success these days.

Professional dog training fits all the criteria! A profession that is quickly emerging!

It is now common for people to send their dog to camp for training. People automatically begin to research lessons for their new dog, and for themselves now. Its common practice because like our children, our dogs as a family member, are now required to live under many more rules and restrictions than the standard of only a decade ago.

Becoming a professional dog trainer really only requires that you have a passion for dogs. If you do, than learning to train dogs is a matter of practicing the right way to communicate with them.

Want to become a professional dog trainer?

That’s My Dog Foundation Course March 14-18, 2008 San Diego, CA

That’s My Dog Immersion Course April 17-21, 2008 Hazel Green, WI


Dogs and voting. What do they have to do with one another? Well, a lot. It’s about our freedom to have a dog, its about our freedom to be able to go and vote. Have a choice in the matter. It’s important.

Just as your dog depends upon you for a really great life, so does our country for making good choices. What you do on this Super Tuesday does make a difference. Whether its Hilliary Clinton, Obama, McKain, or Romney get out there and make a choice.

Thats the great thing about this country. We can go out and make a choice.

Another great thing is that small business makes up such a very big part of our revenue base. It’s also a free choice we have. Dog training is a career choice that allows you to make your own decisions about your work. You have the choice of working from home. You have the choice of setting your own hours. And you have the choice to make as much money as you want to.

If you are looking for a new career that you can love, do some research on dog training as a profession.

Professional Dog Trainers Foundation Course March 14-18, 2008, San Diego, CA

Professional Dog Trainers Immersion Course April 7-21, 2008, Hazel Green, WI

Call 877-DOG-LADY or go to for your free DVD on our programs. Don’t let someone else make your choices about your work. Own your own business and do something great like spend all day with dogs!


As everyone is looking towards the primaries and the economy the outlook is interesting. The unemployment rate has gone wild. The politicians are all scrambling trying to put out fires, promise people something is going to be better.

That’s where it’s great to be in the position of an industry that is growing despite the national fear of crashes all around us. What makes everyone feel better at the end of the day, or even at the beginning of the day? The loyal dog!

The pet dog industry is huge. Don’t miss out on your chance to get into it. Own your own business and find yourself not only with a rewarding career, but a financially successful one as well!

That’s My Dog Foundation Course San Diego, CA March 14-18, 2008. Immersion course April 7-21, 2008, Hazel Green, WI. 866-DOG-LADY for your introduction dog training career DVD.


Training a dog to retrieve is a skill that many don’t realize until they try and get their new dog to play ball. Its just assumed every dog will go get the ball every time its thrown and bring it back. Not so. However, you can teach you dog how to do it. Just like some kids don’t know how to play…. it can be shown and the a lot of fun is had by all!

Canine Basics owned by Brian & Lisa Berg hosted a retrieve workshop in New Jersey last weekend. The turn out was awesome and Robin MacFarlane of That’s My Dog demonstrated her teaching skills to both people and dogs in a way that had all who attended learning to communicate with their dog in a clear manner. Most gratifying on both ends!

All the dogs that participated progressed to the stage of their dog carrying items for them and several where already at the level of picking things up off the floor. Quite an accomplishment, considering older techniques of retrieve training typically take many weeks. In just 2 and 1/2 days we did our work, and of our crowd, the majority of the participants were pet owners, not professional trainers. That is a real testament to the easy of the system we have developed at That’s My Dog!

If you are interested in learning more about professional dog training and how you can achieve the skills, contact us. Our first E-cademy session is going to be held in sunny San Diego in March. That’s My Dog has locations in Hazel Green, WI and Chicago, IL